ESPI Executive Brief 31
India’s ASAT Test Amidst Global Ambiguity
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European Space Weather Services: Status and Prospects
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Rising Stakes for Europe in Space Defence
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Space Venture Europe 2018:
Entrepreneurship and private investment in Europe



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The Indian ASAT test from March 27th is a product of India’s changing foreign and defence policy and rather than a mere demonstration of capability, it is a demonstration of readiness - a deterrence tool. International reactions to this event have been mixed and ambiguous whereas no official statement was made by a European institution in reaction to this test.


The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) is looking to employ a Research Intern for a duration of 6 Months at the premises of the Institute in Vienna, starting from June 2019, to support ESPI Research Team on space economy and finance related projects. Application for this position is open until the 5th of May. 


The recent signature by President Trump of Space Policy Directive 4 triggered the process to set up a Space Force for the United States. This decision is actually part of a broader move aiming at responding to an increasingly threatening global space context. Sharing the impression that their space assets are vulnerable, states are starting to think about their protection. ESPI Executive Brief 30 discusses these new developments and their implications for Europe.


The Autumn Conference is a yearly ESPI event where policy and industry stakeholders in the space sector come together to discuss issues that affect Europe and the rest of the world. This year’s Autumn Conference will address the topic of "European Space Diplomacy" to discuss ways to strengthen Europe’s role as a global actor and promoting international cooperation.


From 24 to 26 March 2019, the German Presidency of the European Interparliamentary Space Conference (EISC) under the Chairmanship of Klaus-Peter Willsch, MdB, organised its annual spring workshop in Bremen, Germany. 

In preparation to the ESA Space19+ ministerial council, the topic chosen for this year is “Outlook on The ESA Ministerial Council 2019: SSA and ISS in the spotlight”.

Our Mission Statement

"The European Space Policy Institute provides decision-makers with an informed view on mid to long-term issues relevant to Europe’s space activities. In this context, ESPI acts as an independent platform for developing positions and strategies."


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