16th ESPI Autumn Conference
Space Economy and Commerce: The way ahead for Europe
11-12 October 2022, Urania Observatory, Vienna, Austria 
Space Economy and Commerce: The way ahead for Europe

The Autumn Conference is an annual ESPI event where high-level stakeholders come together to discuss outstanding issues at stake for the European space sector. This year’s conference will be held in person at the Urania Observatory in Vienna, Austria.

The theme of the 16th ESPI Autumn Conference is “Space Economy and Commerce: The way ahead for Europe.” Invited speakers ranging from high-ranking policymakers and investors to industry executives and founders will discuss ways to best leverage and build upon the momentum commercial solutions are providing to European space activities and how emerging commercial perspectives support the development of European leadership on global markets.

After 2 years of online and hybrid conferences, ESPI is looking forward to welcoming everyone back to Vienna. This year’s conference will consist of 3 panel sessions over two days and will provide ample opportunities for interaction and dedicated networking amongst panelists and participants.

More details about panelists and the conference will be published on the ESPI website prior to the event.

Pre-registration for the 16th ESPI Autumn Conference is now open. Please note that pre-registration does not confirm your attendance at the conference, as considerations such as venue capacity must be taken into account. A member of our team will contact you to confirm your registration.


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