ESPI fulfils its objectives through a variety of products, activities and services. The following offers a brief general overview only. More detailed information can be found in the dedicated sections in question on this site.


ESPI has five different publication formats – each of which is structured to present specific aspects of space developments, policy, and research. Detailed information can be found under the section “Publications”. The following list offers a concise overview:

  • Books: ESPI produces two book series through Springer Publishing: the “Yearbook on Space Policy” and “Studies in Space Policy”.
  • Reports: ESPI Reports are mid-length documents that combine thorough analysis with strategy, vision and concrete policy recommendations.
  • Papers: “Voices from the Space Community” are short and concise papers prepared by ESPI staff and by external contributors.
  • Executive Briefs: ESPI Executive Briefs draw the attention of decision makers and others to issues and challenges that might otherwise not receive the attention they deserve.
  • Memoranda and Position Papers: This series focuses on topical and breaking issues or captures the findings of a workshop or conference.

Conferences and Events

In September ESPI organises its yearly Autumn Conference, which takes place at the Institute’s premises in Vienna and captures the different facets and perspectives of the Annual Theme. For this purpose, the Institute brings together eminent professionals in the relevant fields. Their findings are presented in the second part of the Yearbook on Space Policy in the form of external contributions.

In addition, ESPI organises three regular evening events on a yearly basis, which take place in conjunction with the meetings of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS). These occur in February (Scientific and Technical Subcommittee), March/April (Legal Subcommittee) and June, when the UNCOPUOS plenary session takes place. The theme and programme of these evening events are posted on the ESPI website well in advance.

ESPI also organises ad-hoc workshops or conferences on emerging issues. These can be in the framework of a specific report or project or to address in greater depth the nature of a ‘hot’ or ‘trending’ topic in the field of space or space policy.


An important part of ESPI’s objectives is to facilitate European space policy research, and to act as a leading source of information for scholars, scientists, professionals and students who wish to contribute to the analysis and development of European space policy.

To this effect, ESPI maintains an interdisciplinary in-house library on the subject of space policy and closely related fields. This library consists of a variety of publications from different sources that can all be searched in an electronically accessible database. In addition, the online section of our library provides an overview of the most relevant publications and policy documents on European space policy and beyond. In addition, ESPI keeps a News Archive of its own activities and older web news articles. More information on the content of the library and the conditions of use and access can be found in the section “Services”.

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