On 19 October, the Director of ESPI was invited to participate in the Austrospace General Assembly meeting held in Seibersdorf Laboratories facilities, Austria. The Director presented the mission of the Institute, its organisation as well as the perspectives for potential synergies with local representations of international organizations and industry.

The presentation gave raise to interesting exchange of views with the high-ranking representatives gathered on this occasion on the evolution of the space sector, and the challenges ahead regarding future developments of the European Space policy.

On Austrospace: the association of Austrian space industries and research institutions (Austrospace) is a non-profit organization focusing on comprehensive information about Austrian space activities and representation of common interests of Austrian suppliers and users of space technologies vis-à-vis Austrian authorities and international organizations. The members of Austrospace account for the predominant part of Austrian contributions to space programs and cover a broad spectrum of space technologies and applications in the areas of telecommunications, navigation, earth observation, meteorology, space transportation, and space science.


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