During the 2016 International Astronautical Congress “Making space accessible and affordable to all countries”, held in Guadalajara from 26 to 30 September 2016, ESPI’s Resident Fellows Dr. Stefano Ferretti and Dr. Serge Plattard participated in IAF committees, Global Networking Forums, and technical sessions where the outcomes of ESPI studies were presented.

Dr. Serge Plattard presented the paper “Keeping the International Code of Conduct alive and kicking!” (IAC-16-A6.8.1), co-authored together with Xavier Pasco (FRS), and co-chaired session A6.8 “Policy, Legal, Institutional and Economic Aspects of Space Debris Detection, Mitigation and Removal”. He also moderated the Global Network Forum “Aiming at a Resilient and Sustainable Space Security System” supported by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers (New Space), and chaired the IAF Committee on Space Security, events which were all very well attended. In addition, Dr. Serge Plattard represented ESPI at the General Assembly of the IAF.

Dr. Stefano Ferretti participated, as a panelist, to the Global Networking Forum “Space Architecture and System Engineering: different disciplines or the same?”, and to the IAF CLIODN, GEOSS, Security and Entrepreneurship & Investment Committees. He presented a number of papers at the conference:

  • “Optimizing the Interaction Between Drones and Space Infrastructures” (IAC-16-B5.2.8), co-authored together with Alfredo Roma, at the Symposium on integrated applications;
  • “Future Space Technologies for Sustainability on Earth” (IAC-16-D4.2.1), co-authored together with Barbara Imhof (LIQUIFER) and Dr. Werner Balogh (UNOOSA), at the 14th IAA Symposium on visions and strategies for the future / Contribution of Space Activities to Solving Global Societal Issues;
  • “Space for Sustainable Development” (IAC-16-E3.1.15), co-authored together with Elisabeth Veit (ESPI), at the 29th IAA Symposium on Space policy, regulations and economics / Regional cooperation in space: policies, governance and legal tools. The paper captured the outcomes and the recommendations of the ESPI Report 59 “Space for Sustainable Development”.

In addition, the paper “Orbital Congestion: Assessing the Prospects for Effective Governance Structures Through Regime Theory” (IAC-16.E3.IP.3) co-authored by ESPI Resident Fellow Marco Aliberti, together with Jennifer Lauren Napier (SGAC) and Christoph Beischl (ISPL), was presented at the 29th IAA Symposium on Space policy, regulations and economics.

Finally, the paper “Artificial Gravity Conceptual Orbiting Station Design” (IAC-16-D3.3.4), which captured the ISU Artificial Gravity Team Project “Starport 1” , co-authored by ESPI Resident Fellow Cenan Al-Ekabi together with Remco Timmermans (ISU) and the other participants of the ISU Space Studies Program 2016 (Haifa, Israel), was presented at the 29th IAA Symposium on building blocks for future Space exploration and development.

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