The widely circulated French magazine “Diplomatie” publishes in its August-September 2016 special issue two articles respectively authored by ESPI’s Director Jean-Jacques Tortora, formerly Secretary General of Eurospace, and by Senior Resident Fellow Serge Plattard. The first article analyses the new challenges for the space industry, whereas the second one addresses strategic and economic issues of satellite navigation and timing systems.

In “Les nouveaux défis de l’industrie spatiale” the author shows how an essentially state-driven industry, almost not affected by the 2008 crisis, continues to grow and has progressively shifted to innovative solutions including public/private partnerships at the heart of its rejuvenation.

“Les systèmes de positionnement par satellite: des enjeux stratégiques et économiques », covers both the strategic and civilian developments of the GNSS, including the recent booming of civil applications. The issue of the much needed future governance of such systems is addressed and is still pending upon a political decision.

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