McGill University organized from the 26. to the 28. of May a conference in Montreal, Canada with the topic “Conflicts in Space and the Rule of Law”. Experts from all five continents gathered for the two day conference to discuss relevant issues and to mark the official kick off of the project “Manual on International Law Applicable to Military uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS)”. This project is highly important to the whole international community as it aims to provide an objective clarification of the applicability of the existing international law to military uses of outer space, including the conduct of hostilities in outer space and military activities in periods of tension. ESPI Director Peter Hulsroj and ESPI External Consultant Anja Nakarada Pecujlic gave a presentation titled “Space through the lens of Neutrality” which underlines the burning need for such a Manual and was very well received by the participants.

Throughout the two days there were eight sessions with over thirty speakers that addressed a variety of issues in regards to space security, governance and threats to the peaceful uses of outer space. Insightful presentations inspired participants to fruitful debates during the sessions and afterwards. The papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings and a few selected papers will be part of the upcoming handbook.



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