ESPI organised an evening event together with the European External Action Service, at their premises in Brussels. The aim of the event, which was called “The Latest Crop”, was to present some of the ESPI products of particular relevance for the European authorities that were published in the last year.
Welcoming words were given by Carine Claeys, Head of the EEAS Space Task Force. The event was then introduced by the ESPI Director Peter Hulsroj, followed by a keynote speech of Josef Aschbacher, Head of Programme Planning and Coordination in the ESA Earth Observation Programme Directorate, on the role of EO in broader policy debates. Following this, ESPI Resident fellows Arne Lahcen, Marco Aliberti, Matteo Tugnoli and Stefano Ferretti, and former Fellows Letizia Caito and Panos Mastorakis presented their work to the more than 50 participants, which included two members of the ESPI Advisory council, Herbert Allgeier and Frank Asbeck. The topics presented spanned the arc of space activities: from European technological non-dependence to the future of European Flagship Programmes in space, from the social impact of space to geopolitics.
The event was concluded with a speech by François Rivasseau, the EEAS Special Envoy for Space, and final remarks were given by Didier Schmitt of the EEAS Space Task Force. During the following two days, the ESPI delegation in Brussels attended the “8th Annual Conference on European Space Policy”, organised by the European Commission on 12 and 13 January 2016.



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