Panos Mastorakis, author of the newly published ESPI Report, illustrates the actual and potential contribution of the space sector in the attainment of the educational targets of the EU growth strategy for the current decade "Europe 2020", whose aim is to deliver 'smart', 'sustainable' and 'inclusive' growth.

As demonstrated in the report, space can make a substantial input towards the implementation of the strategy in this fundamental policy area. It sets at the disposal of educators a variety of educational resources and hands-on activities, which can support STEM education at all levels; it is pivotal for ensuring broadband coverage in all European regions, creating the technical prerequisites for the utilization of distance education by all European citizens, no matter where they are located; it inspires and creates role models which can motivate young people to pursue STEM studies and careers.

The presentation οf the various links between space activities and education in this report reveals important aspects of the social and economic utility of space.



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