University College London (UCL) put up on 10th May a space policy workshop on “New approaches for achieving greatest benefit in a changing world” with the aim to provide an environment for key thinkers and policy makers to challenge current approaches and consider alternatives to future space policy related development. ESPI Resident Fellow Serge Plattard made a presentation entitled “Operating in a safe, secure, and sustainable space environment”.

Through five sessions and a plenary speakers addressed a range of issues including the focus on technology planning, exploration, the necessity to demonstrate economic impact for a range of applications more concretely, and the challenging threats to space activities and national security. Based on these approaches, the meaning of measuring the benefit of space in a more inclusive manner, beyond standard metrics, was the challenge that had to be met by the different speakers. The outcomes of this event will be published in a report next summer to be circulated to policy makers in the UK government and parliament, heads of space agencies, EC, and other selected decision makers in the space arena.

The workshop, held under the Chatham House rule, was attended by 35 persons, including several postgraduate students. The programme and the presentation made by Serge Plattard are available for download.



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