On April 19 ESPI held a workshop on the policy stakes of European space-based infrastructures, looking specifically at Galileo, the European positioning, navigation and timing system that is being deployed. Under Chatham House rules the different stakeholders involved in this European programme had the opportunity to exchange views about how the programme was moving along and the challenges to meet throughout the value chain, from the manufacturer to the end user.

The one-day workshop was structured around three sessions: i) The view of the manufacturing industry: Maintaining a competitive offer, ii) Challenges of operating a critical infrastructure, iii) Exploiting Galileo for the benefit of the European economy; and a Round table on the way to the success of Galileo, meeting the challenges. Twenty one out of the 32 participants were chairs and speakers. Participants found ESPI particularly well suited as a neutral platform for bringing together actors from different segments of the value chain to interact and express in a rather frank manner their views on the progress of this EU flagship endeavour.



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