On 17 October the ESPI General Assembly (GA), the Institute supervisory body, chaired by Andreas Geisler, head of FFG/BMVIT, gathered at ESPI premises to define the general long-term guidelines for the Institute and approve its Work Plan for the year 2017.

The Assembly was attended by representatives from the members’ organisations, including ASI, CNES, DLR, ESA, Airbus, Eutelsat as well as the Chairman of ESPI Advisory Council. The 2017 programme of ESPI activities will include a number of research activities, including Europe’s role in space security; the evolution of Space 4.0 in Europe and the full implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 worldwide; Space economy: a vision towards 2030; European access to Space with small and very heavy launchers; Legal implications of active debris removal. A new long term strategy for ESPI was also agreed by the GA members. In addition to supporting the EISC presidency of 2017 ESPI will also organize a number of activities, workshops and events in the frame of UN COPUOS sessions and in preparation of UNISPACE+50.


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