Starting from November 2016, the well-known ESPI publication series “ESPI Perspectives” has been overhauled and retitled “Voices from the Space Community”.

While this new series retains many key aspects that made its predecessor a successful and popular publication, with more than 70 contributions over the years, a number of changes were adopted in order to ensure the quality of the series, a faster publication process, and ultimately a broader participation and free exchange of ideas.

In its “Voices for the Space Community” series ESPI welcomes the submission of short papers, from both experts as well as young professionals, students and the general public, presenting a concise analysis on innovative ideas in the field of space policy. Topics can also cover the space economy, the societal impacts of space technology, outstanding issues in space law as well as space security, and more.

Information on how to submit your “Voice” can be found at the following page:, which also includes all previously published contributions under the former “ESPI Perspectives” series.


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