The eleventh volume of the “Studies in Space Policy” book series, authored by ESPI Resident Fellow Marco Aliberti and published by SpringerWienNewYork, is now available. It addresses China´s possible ambition to send taikonauts to the Moon and elaborates on the implications at international level, by analytically focusing on strategic issues and challenges that can have a deep impact on future global relations.

“When China Goes to the Moon...” deals with China’s ambitions in its most complex and internationally visible space endeavour, namely its human space exploration programme. It assesses China´s space strategy from a wide range of perspectives and analyses the key domestic and external factors affecting the country’s presumed manned lunar ambitions. While clearly focused on China´s space programme, the objective of the book is more broadly that of disentangling the opportunities and challenges Chinese space ambitions are creating for other spacefaring nations and for Europe in particular. The book investigates therefore how China´s determination to go to the Moon could affect the rest of the international landscape, performs a critical analysis on the much-discussed scenario of a new space race for the re-conquest of the Moon, and accompanies the analysis with an informed assessment of alternative scenarios where more cooperative pathways to future space exploration might become possible. In doing so, it includes an in-depth analysis of possible European postures towards China in space exploration and seeks to stimulate a debate on future space strategies in the broader context of world politics.

It is in the hope of the European Space Policy Institute that this study will reach far beyond the traditional space community - to overall policymakers and the interested general public - and contribute to promoting further discussions on this complex and exceedingly relevant topic.



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