15th ESPI Autumn Conference (05.10.2021 - 07.10.2021)

European space solutions for European ambitions: Why does Europe need European satellites?

The Autumn Conference is an annual ESPI event where high-level stakeholders come together to discuss outstanding issues at stake for the space sector. For this 15th edition, the conference adopted a hybrid format. Guest-speakers gathered at ESPI premises in Vienna, Austria and the conference was broadcasted online with live interaction with the audience.

ESPI Autumn Conference 2021 addressed the topic of "European space solutions for European ambitions: Why does Europe need European satellites?" High-level officials came together to discuss the future of European strategic autonomy in space in the context of key challenges for the future of Europe.

The Autumn Conference spanned across 3 days (5-7 October 2021), with one panel each day in the afternoon. It was organised in three sessions:

  1. Space for Green Deal, Green Deal in space

  2. Which European space infrastructure for the new digital age

  3. Which space industrial strategy to face new global challenges

The audience was able to ask questions to the speakers through the online conference software. Participants to the Autumn Conference included stakeholders from the public and private space sectors, as well as actors from non-space domains to bring fresh perspectives on how space can further contribute to rising challenges for Europe.

Opening Remarks:

Andreas Geisler, Head of Aeronautics and Space Agency, Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Session 1:

Green Deal for Space - Green Deal in Space? European ambitions and solutions for sustainable development on Earth and in Space

This session will address impacts and opportunities of the European Green Deal for the space sector and the challenges for a Green Deal in space. Speakers will address the European Green Deal at large as well as space sustainability and Space Traffic Management.


Keynote Speakers:

Henriette Spyra, General Director for Innovation, Technology and Space, Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology

Isabelle Duvaux-Bechon, Acting Head of the Foresight, Strategy and Coordination Department & Head of the Strategy and Development Office, European Space Agency


Francois Raffenne, Manager for Strategic Planning and Analysis, ArianeGroup

Simonetta Cheli, Head of Strategy, Programme and Coordination Office, ESA Earth Observation

Emmanuel Pajot, Secretary General, EARSC

Luca Rossettini, CEO & Co-Founder, D-Orbit

Alain Bories, Senior Vice President Business Development & Political Affairs, OHB

Session 2:

Which European space infrastructure for the new digital age? European ambitions and solutions for secure connectivity, digital transformation, and technological sovereignty

This session will address the challenges and opportunities for the space sector in the framework of Europe’s digital transformation. Speakers will address the project for a European mega-constellation and its role in fostering digital sovereignty and enabling secure connectivity.

Keynote Speaker:

Rodrigo da Costa, Executive Director, EUSPA


Guillaume de la Brosse, Head of Unit in charge of space innovation, start-ups and economics, DG DEFIS, European Commission

David Bertolotti, Director for International and Institutional Affairs, Eutelsat

Elodie Viau, Director for Telecommunications, European Space Agency

Wolfgang Roehrig, Head of Information Superiority Unit, Capability, Armament, and Planning Directorate, European Defence Agency 

Dr. Nicolas Capet, CEO and Founder, Anywaves


Session 3:

Which space industrial strategy to face new global challenges? European ambitions and solutions for industrial autonomy and economic resilience

This session will address which new industrial and economic strategies will be required to ensure the resilience of the European space industry and enhance Europe's strategic autonomy. The speakers will address the security of the supply chain, and the main issues related to procurement and public demand.

Keynote Speaker:

Andre Hubert Roussel, President, Eurospace


Andreas Buhl, Country Manager, RUAG Space

Geraldine Naja, Director for Industry, Procurement and Legal Services, European Space Agency

Tero Vauraste, Regional Director Europe, Iceye

Riadh Cammoun, Vice President for Public and Regulatory Affairs, Thales 

Dr. Olga Stelmakh-Drescher, Chief Policy and Government Relations Officer, ExoLaunch


Closing Remarks:

Geneviève Fioraso , Chair, ESPI Advisory Council and Former French Minister in charge of space




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