ESPI Evening Event: China Engages: (31.01.2018)

Opportunities and Prospects for the International Space Community

The recent decade has seen China emerging as a leading space nation. As its ambitiousThe recent decade has seen China emerging as a leading space nation. As its ambitiousspace programme advances so will its influence on many new developments,technological and legal, and the impact of its policy posture vis-à-vis the internationalspace community.One of the most striking features in this respect is that China does not seem to visualiseits space efforts in isolation or competition with the space community. Quite to thecontrary, in putting forward space programme, Beijing has been increasingly seeking tobring the cooperative balance into play and move towards what could be termed as “hubrole” for international cooperation. This pro-cooperative stance has been reiterated on anumber of occasions, including in the 2016 White Paper on Space Activities, which clearlyreveals how China wants to use its space programme as a driver of internationalcooperation. For instance, in the section, “key areas for future cooperation, Chinaannounces the construction of a “Belt and Road Initiative Space Information Corridor” asan integral part the development strategy and framework known as One Belt, One Roadaimed to improve connectivity and strategic cooperation among the countries locatedalong the land-based "Silk Road Economic Belt" and oceangoing "Maritime Silk Road".Similarly, the announced creation of a BRICS remote-sensing satellite constellation and ofthe APSCO Joint Small Multi-Mission Satellite Constellation Programme are veryindicative of China´s resolve to increase its international outreach. Even more so, is theproposed cooperation aboard their upcoming Space Station, which Beijing´s authoritieshave emphatically remarked to be open for joint experiments or even joint mannedmissions to all interested countries.


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