The European Space Policy and Academic Network (ESPRAN) was launched in September 2007 with the aim of providing a platform for the exchange between experts and institutions involved in space policy. ESPRAN was created with an open mind to gather European as well as international experts on space related issues. It is intended also to include experts from other related and relevant policy areas.

Through the participation of so far over 100 experts, ESPRAN fosters cross-fertilisation of ideas and their promotion vis-à-vis decision-makers. ESPRAN serves as the means to keep the space community updated on space policy events and provides for the opportunity of actively participating in the generation of thoughts on the most crucial topics of space policy by giving its members the opportunity to contribute to space policy publications like the Yearbook on Space Policy, ESPI Perspectives and Studies as well as the participation in conferences and events.

ESPI coordinates this network and provides through the ESPRAN Newsletter a medium for regular exchange.

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September 2017


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