On 25-26 Novembre, Foreign Ministries Science and Technology Advisors Network (FMSTAN) and Science Policy in Diplomacy and External Relations (SPIDER) organised a series of events related to Science and Diplomacy. Director of ESPI was invited to participate in a panel discussion on Technological Diplomacy that took place in the Vienna Diplomatische Akademie. He presented the situation, perspectives and challenges for the European Space sector.

The  discussion  was moderated  by  Marcus  Bergmann,  Head  of  Department  of Scientific Cooperation, Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs (BMEIA). The other panelists were Olga  Memedovic,  Deputy  Director  and  Chief,  Business  Environment  Cluster  and  Innovation  Division  at  the   Department   of   Trade,   Investment   and   Innovation,   United   Nations   Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and Martin Rauchbauer, Co-Director, Open Austria in Silicon Valley.


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