The TOChina Summer School, organized every year by the University of Torino, is among the most prestigious European programs dedicated to an in-depth discussion of the main research agendas on politics, political economy and international relations of contemporary China.

The Summer School, aimed at post-graduate students, young researchers, professionals and practitioners from all over the world, offers two weeks of intensive training on critical issues that lie at the intersection between China’s long-term structural transformations and global current affairs.

In his lecture, Marco Aliberti focused on space as a domain of strategic interaction, providing an assessment of the unfolding competition and cooperation dynamics and core issues at stake. Mr. Aliberti also provided an assessment of China’s posture in space, of the Janus-faced implications associated to its rise as a space power, and of its interplay with Europe and the United States in key issue-areas, namely space exploration, space commerce and space security.
The lecture was followed by a lively discussion with the students of the Summer School.



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