ESPI is proud to be part of SPACEWAYS, a European Union's Horizon 2020-funded project coordinated by the Foundation for Strategic Research (France), along with 14 other European organisations and companies. The project aims at supporting the European Commission in its efforts to to further elaborate on the concept of a Space Traffic Management (STM) framework at European level. 

Reflection on measures to effectively cope with an increasing and more dynamic space traffic is a burning topic in the space field. Several measures will be useful for Europe to strengthen the sustainability of space activities while promoting its interests and values:

  • Think about a collaborative European vision of STM
  • Assess the current legal, policy and economic landscape at European and international level
  • Identify the technological capabilities that are required

These orientations will guide the activities conducted in the frame of the SPACEWAYS project, with the objective to provide adapted and actionable recommendations to the European Commission. ESPI will be in charge of coordinating activities related to the analysis of the policy framework and to the elaboration of recommendations, based on the work and results of all partners of the consortium.




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