ESPInsights is a quarterly publication providing the reader with a synthetic overview of major developments in the global space sector on the covered period and embeds useful links to official documents, public reports, web articles or conference websites for further details on the topic.

This second issue, covering the third quarter of 2019, ESPInsights looks into:

  • Space Policy and Programmes: a focus on the challenges faced by the European space manufacturing industry owing the unforeseen shrinking of the telecommunication markets, and important space policy developments (political decisions, institutional affairs, public budgets, and programmatic plans) in the World by country and region
  • Space Economy and Finance: a look on NASA’s LEO commercialization plans, the African space industry and the OECD report on the space industry, statistics and information on space markets and industry results as well as major investment and contractual deals in the space sector
  • Space Industry and Innovation: the major industrial announcements and developments, notably advancements and testing of next-generation launchers and demonstration payloads
  • Space Activity Overview: the quarterly statistics from the ESPI space activity database, with key indicators and graphs, a launch log and space mission highlights



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