The new edition of Space Venture Europe provides a complete overview of entrepreneurship and private investment trends in the European space sector based on critical investment numbers and survey statistics. With €502 million invested  in space start-ups in 2020, Europe highlights a groundbreaking year and confirms its position as a key actor of NewSpace globally!

In the wake of the Nasa's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS), a disruptive commercial approach to space has emerged, commonly called "New-Space".  This sectorial dynamic has been steadily emerging in Europe until the point where in 2020 the total private Space investment reached a record number of €502M. An examination of European Space start-ups has revealed strong developments and technological innovation interwined  with a widespread European geographical distribution.

This ESPI Report provides an in-depth investigation of the evolution of Europe entrepreneurship environment and start-up dynamics as well as the impact of Covid-19. Space Venture shed light on specific new tendencies and developments:

- Key metrics and investment trends
- The impact of Covid-19 on European NewSpace
- The new role of public agencies in European NewSpace

To do so, the report uses a proprietary private investment database and a survey undertaken end of 2020. With over 120 responses, the survey offers a broad range and extensive sample offering unique insights in this sectorial dynamic. 



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