Legal Aspects Around Satellite ConstellationsThis publication in the Springer series on Studies in Space Policy focusses on the proliferating activities in the field of satellite constellations and portrays a wide array of interesting topics from various fields (environment, economy, security, licencing, control, etc.).

Therefore this volume comprises the following contributions:

  • An Equitable and Efficient Use of Outer Space and Its Resources and the Role of the UN, the ITU and States Parties by Margaux Morssink
  • The Principle of Equitable Access in the Age of Mega-Constellations by Matteo Cappella
  • Legal Aspects Relating to Satellite Constellations by Ewan Wright
  • The Rise of the LEO: Is There a Need to Create a Distinct Legal Regime for Constellations of Satellites? by Alice Rivière
  • The Future Impact of the ITU Regulatory Framework on Large Constellations of Satellites by Claudiu Mihai Tăiatu
  • The Sustainability of Large Satellite Constellations: Challenges for Space Law by Vinicius Aloia
  • Answering an Orbit Full of Questions: A Proposed Framework to Provide Legal Certainty on the Current and Future State of the Law Regulating Satellite Constellations by Anton Waal Alberts



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