This ESPI publication in the Springer series on Studies in Space Policy is the highly anticipated sequel to the previous volume under the same title, dedicated to presenting a diverse range of timely and valuable contributions on the legal and policy related questions evoked by satellite constellations, including emerging mega-constellations.

Given the proliferation of activities in the field of satellite constellations, and the critical roles they play in supporting and enabling communication, navigation, disaster monitoring, Earth observation, security and scientific activities, the insights of legal and policy experts from around the world have been gathered in this second volume to help expand the scientific literature in this precious field. Topics range from legal obstacles and opportunities facilitating small satellite enterprise for emerging space actors, international cooperation in the compatibility and interoperability of navigation systems, the designation of satellite constellations as critical space infrastructure, to an analysis of the paradigm shift which has occurred over the last decade to make the proliferation of small satellite constellations possible, and more.



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