This new ESPI publication on 'Outer Space and Cyber Space' edited by Dr. Annette Froehlich analyses a broad range of relevant aspects as the outer space and cyber space domains do not only present analogies but are also strongly interrelated.

This analysis may occur on various levels by technologies but also in regard to juridical approaches, each nevertheless keeping its particularities. Since modern societies rely increasingly on space applications that depend on cyber space, it is important to investigate how cyberspace and outer space are connected by their common challenges.

Furthermore, this book discusses not only questions around their jurisdictions, but also whether the private space industry can escape jurisdiction by dematerializing the space resource commercial processes and assets thanks to cyber technology. In addition, space and cyberspace policies are analysed especially in view of cyber threats to space communications. Even the question of an extra-terrestrial citizenship in outer space and cyberspace may raise new views.

Finally, the interdependence between space and cyberspace also has an important role to play in the context of increasing militarization and emerging weaponization of outer space. Therefore, this book invites questioning the similarities and interrelations between Outer Space and Cyber Space in the same way as it intends to strengthen them.



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