Three ESPI Research Fellows have been interviewed in past weeks by SpaceWatch.Global, a digital magazine providing news and analysis from the space sector. Interviews of Annalisa Donati, Marco Aliberti and Tomas Hrozensky explored various topics from space economy up to space security, which have been subject to an in-depth ESPI research throughout 2019.

All three interviews, on Space Venture Europe report series, European space weather services and European space surveillance & tracking capabilities are available on SpaceWatch.Global website.

  • Interview of ESPI Resident Fellow Annalisa Donati addresses ESPI’s new Space Venture Europe report series aimed at investigating key components of the changing space business environment in Europe and providing comprehensive outlook on entrepreneurship and private investment in the European Space Sector.
  • Interview of ESPI Senior Research Fellow Marco Aliberti revolves around the effects of Space Weather (SWE) events on space infrastructures and subsequently provides detailed insights on these issues, elaborating on the steps that need to be taken on the technical, market and institutional fronts in order to ensure a sustainable provision of operational SWE services in Europe.
  • Interview of ESPI Resident Fellow Tomas Hrozensky is focused on European Space Surveillance & Tracking (SST) capabilities. In acknowledging the widespread need for actionable SST data and operational SST services in the face of increasingly congested Earth orbits, the interview elaborates on different layers of SST-related developments in Europe witnessed today.





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