The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) and the Asia Pacific Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) organized the 2nd Inter-Regional Space Policy Dialogue between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region – building on the fruitful outcomes of the 1st Dialogue in 2018 and with the aim of fostering continued dialogue on inter-regional cooperation between the two regions. The Dialogue was comprised of two events.

On Saturday, 15th of June 2019, the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) hosted the Space Policy Practitioners Workshop at its venues. This event brought together space policy practitioners from Australia, the Republic of Korea as well as Germany, Poland and Portugal to share their diverse experiences in the development and implementation of national space policy, with the participants from many more countries from the two regions. After short presentations by the speakers – Mr. Michael Cook (Australia), Mr. Filipe Duarte Santos (Portugal), Mr. Marek Banaszkiewicz (Poland), Ms. Soojeong Park (Republic of Korea), and Mr. Bernhard Schmidt-Tedd (Germany) – the floor was opened to all participants to exchange perspectives during a lively roundtable discussion.

The topics discussed included: the application of experiences from global cooperation within COPUOS to regional collaboration; the impetus for the establishment of space agencies; striking the balance between fostering the development of the space industry and the regulation thereof; the mechanisms for ministerial coordination and the involvement of a variety of stakeholders; and the expansion of inter-regional cooperation.

The 2nd Inter-Regional Space Policy Dialogue continued with a COPUOS side event on Innovation and Partnership for Enhancing Space Capabilities which took place at the UN Vienna International Centre on the 19th of June. This event, which was opened by UNOOSA Director, Simonetta Di Pippo, featured a panel discussion with the insights from Mr. Anond Snidvongs (Thailand), Mr. Hiromichi Suzuki (Japan), Ms. Nunzia Paradiso (Italy), Ms. Sreerekha U (India), and Mr. Stephan Mayer (Austria). After presentations from the panellists on innovation and partnership for enhancing space capability, the Moderator Mr. Jean-Jacques Tortora (ESPI) encouraged further exchange of experiences and ideas amongst the speakers through questions and encouraging the audience to engage in a lively exchange. Topics of discussion included: the success factors and challenges to support the commercialization of space; the implementation of measures to strengthen the core technical expertise of countries and foster innovation and start-ups; the institutional challenges in the “spin-in” process; as well as the role of regional cooperation in strengthening innovation and industrial competitiveness.

After the discussion, Mr. Jun Yanagi, Minister and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Permanent Missions of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna, offered a message on the value of inter-regional cooperation and made the audience aware of Japan hosting the 26th Session of Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF 26). The event concluded with participants and attendees convening for a lunch reception hosted by the Permanent Mission of Japan to the International Organizations in Vienna and JAXA.

ESPI would like to thank all speakers, panelists, and attendees for their lively participation; the organizing team from APRSAF for helping to make these events a success; Japan, as the host country of APRSAF, as well as the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs and particularly UNOOSA Director Simonetta Di Pippo for their support.


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