The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) is an association ruled by Austrian Law, based in Vienna, funded at its inception (2003) by the Austrian Space Agency and ESA, and now supported by 17 members which include European national space agencies, the European Commission, and main European space services companies and manufacturers.

The Institute provides decision-makers with an informed view on mid-to-long-term issues relevant to Europe’s space activities. In this context, ESPI acts as an independent platform for developing positions and strategies.

ESPI fulfils its objectives through various multidisciplinary research activities giving way to the publication of books, reports, papers, articles, executive briefs, proceedings or position papers and to the organisation of conferences and events including the annual ESPI Autumn Conference. Located in the heart of Vienna, the Institute developed a privileged relation with the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs and with a network of researchers and experts in Europe and across the globe.

Research project:

This report aims at analyzing the development in the space sector in Latin American countries from a legal and policy perspective. Besides national activities, various initiatives were also already undertaken at regional level. Moreover, these countries are searching for their appropriate space activities taking into account the needs and economic circumstances of their own country. This report will thus provide an overview of the activities of the main actors from Mexico to Argentina.


  • Support ESPI Research Team in the frame of this research project
  • Background research: Literature review, information and data collection and compilation, stakeholders consultation through dedicated interviews or surveys
  • Methodology and analysis tools preparation
  • Comprehensive and thorough analysis of the research thematic
  • Synthesis of results and recommendations
  • Report writing and editing

The acceptant candidate can work from Vienna, but also remotely.

Qualifications and competencies:

For this traineeship ESPI is looking for applicants with an educational background (at least 3 years degree) in legal, political science, international relations, economy, business or engineering.

The following competencies would be considered an asset:

  • Acquaintance with the research topic or a related field
  • Previous experience in policy research, consulting or advisory
  • General knowledge and understanding of space institutions, of their programmes and strategy and of the main political, technical and economic trends affecting the global and Latin American space sector.

Applicants to the traineeship should demonstrate good interpersonal skills and the capacity to work both independently and as part of a team. Good knowledge of MS Office is required.

The working language of ESPI is English. Excellent command of the English language, written and oral, is imperative. A track record of articles, papers, thesis or reports written in English will be appreciated. For this position, a very good knowledge of Spanish and/or Portuguese is also imperative.

Application process

To apply for this internship, please send to a copy of your CV, a cover letter and – if applicable – sample documentation supporting your qualifications (e.g. a previously published article, thesis extracts, etc.), with subject: Latin America.

For this post there is no formal deadline; rather, it will be filled as soon as an appropriate candidate has been identified (however, a decision will not be taken before 12 December 2018). Therefore, qualified applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Please do not submit educational records or certificates at this stage.



ESPI - European Space Policy Institute

Schwarzenbergplatz 6

A-1030 Vienna

(Entrance: Zaunergasse 1)

Phone +43 1 718 11 18 -0

Fax +43 1 718 11 18 -99



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