Stimulating and leveraging a more prominent involvement of commercial actors in space exploration programmes has become a dominant consideration of governments and space agencies. This new ESPI book investigates how the current context creates opportunities and challenges for space agencies and opens the way to a (possible) paradigm shift in the approach to space exploration in the future.


ESPI Executive Brief 33 looks into achievements and limits of the revival meeting of the EU-ESA Space Council which took place on May 28th, in the margins of the Competitiveness Council, and under leadership of the Romanian Presidency of the EU. The Brief provides some perspectives on how this event could become a stepping-stone in Europe’s effort to define and initiate a process towards a new common and ambitious space strategy.


The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) and the Asia Pacific Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) organized the 2nd Inter-Regional Space Policy Dialogue between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region with the aim of fostering continued dialogue on inter-regional cooperation between the two regions. The Dialogue comprised of a Space Policy Practitioners Workshop and a side event at the UN.


From June 9th to 11th 2019, the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI) convened in Prague the fifth edition of its biannual Space Security Conference series. ESPI is happy to have contributed to the successful outcome of this trilaterally themed conference gathering numerous high-level representatives from the USA, Japan and European Union. On the first day of the conference, ESPI Director Jean-Jacques Tortora moderated a panel focusing on the space resilience and risk management, with...


The elections of the new European Parliament on 23rd-26th of May 2019 occurred in a general context of rapid evolution in regards of the global space institutional landscape. Although space affairs were not at the forefront of electoral debates, the European Parliament nonetheless holds a growing role in shaping the European space policy framework.


The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL), and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) invite students and young professionals worldwide to submit a paper on “Protection of cultural heritage sites on the Moon".


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