05 March 2018. On 27 February 2018, ESPI participated in the second talk of the annual “ETIA Talks” series, this year entitled “What A Disastrous World It Is...”, addressing the topic of “Waste in Space - Is Space Wasted?”. The event was organized by students in the postgraduate Environmental Technology and International Affairs (ETIA) joint program at the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the Technical University of Vienna.


08 February 2018. The twenty-sixth Newsletter issue of ESPI is now online.

The twenty-sixth issue of the ESPI Newsletter provides an account of ESPI’s activities during the past six months. The period was extremely fruitful for ESPI, with the publication of relevant studies as well as a considerable number of activities in and outside ESPI, an account of which is provided within this Newsletter.  A description of the ongoing and upcoming activities and events planned by ESPI...


7 February 2018. Over the past few months plenty of media attention has been given to the impending re-entry of China’s space laboratory Tiangong-1 into the Earth’s atmosphere. The possibility that some parts of the spacecraft survive re-entry and impact on populated areas raises a number of pressing questions on the issues posed by atmospheric re-entries.
The ESPI Brief 20 provides an overview of the current international rules and procedures for managing the re-entry o...


On 31 January 2018 ESPI hosted an evening event on the topic of “China Engages: Opportunities and Prospects for the International Space Community” jointly organised with the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

Guest speakers at this well-attended event outlined some of the key missions and programmes in which China is currently engaging with the international space community, whilst highlighting the growing need for international collaboration and the potential areas for futur...


01 February 2018. ESPI published an article on “Space: An essential sector for Europe at a time of digital revolution” in the February issue of the Open Access Government publication. The paper, written by Sebastien Moranta, reviews recent evolutions and trends in the space sector and explains why space activities are taking a new strategic dimension for Europe at the time of the digital revolution. Access the Open Access Government February issue here  (ESPI paper page 130)....


29 January 2018. The overarching framework of the conference “Space2030 and Space 4.0: Synergies for Capacity Building in the XXI Century” is the United Nations agenda Space2030 and the ESA Space 4.0 strategy.
Date: Saturday 3 February 2018
Time: 9:00 - 17:15
Venue: ESPI, Schwarzenbergplatz 6 (entrance Zaunergasse 1-3, 2nd Floor), A-1030 Vienna,
Please find the programme here.
Please note that in order to guarantee your seat we recommend to r...


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