Worldwide Space Law Essay Invitation - Call for Papers: 
“Outer Space and Cyber Space: any similarities or interrelations from a legal/policy point of view?”


The new ESPI Insights for February is now available! Special focus of the month is on the space insurance market and the three years of consecutive losses experienced by space insurance companies.


The European space sector is undergoing significant changes and is increasingly driven by commercial space activities in a highly competitive international market.

ESPI initiated a highly timely study on ‘Space Supporting Culture’ taking into account the ongoing efforts to protect worldwide the Culture Heritage by satellite technology. Various initiatives were already successfully undertaken such as the Copernicus hackathon supported by EURISY or the UNESCO “Open Initiative on the Use of Space Technologies to support the World Heritage Convention by the European Space Agency. There is still a lot at stake. ...

ESPI is an independant thinktank fully devoted to space policy-related matter. It is the key leading organisation analysing the state-of-the-art and considering the prospects for space in Africa.


Commissioner Breton and industrial stakeholders have recently expressed their interest in moving forward with the development of a “new integrated, secure and autonomous space connectivity system”, and a consortium of European companies has been awarded a €7.1 million contract for a year-long feasibility study.


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