The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) invite students and young professionals worldwide to submit an article on “Aspects around a Mars Agreement including human settlements".


ESPI Insights is now a monthly publication providing the reader with a synthetic overview of major developments in the global space sector with useful links to official documents, public reports, press releases or webnews for further details on the topic.


On 30 June 2020, the Cabinet Office of Japan released a new version of the Basic Plan on Space Policy to guide Japan´s space activities over the next decade. Our latest ESPI Report provides a comprehnsive assessment of Tokyo´s new strategy for space. 


On 20 July 2020, ESPI Senior Research Fellow Marco Aliberti was interviewed by France 24 on the successful launch of the first UAE Mars Mission.


The new report Space Venture Europe provides a complete overview of entrepreneurship and private investment trends in the European space sector based on indicators and statistics. With € 188 million invested privately in space start-ups in 2019, Europe confirms its position as a key actor of commercial space able to adapt and leverage new trends!


In June 2020, the United States published a new Defense Space Strategy, a document expected to be the basis of U.S. DoD activities in space for the next ten years. In line with previous statements, the DSS recognises space as a warfighting domain and contemplates the possibility of in-space military operations. However, its accusatory wording on China and Russia and quasi-exclusive interest on allies with relevant capabilities question U.S. ability to exercise leadership in coming years.



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