The ESA Agenda 2025 includes a call to organize an all-European Space Summit in 2022, aimed at defining Europe’s ambition in space for the next decade, announcing new flagships and revisiting the governance of space in Europe, at the highest political level.


July was a busy month for the space sector. ESA initiated the development of its Vega-E launcher by signing a €118.8 million contract with Avio, Thales and Axiom finalised their agreement for the delivery of two modules for the future Axiom Station, and two new space companies are set to go public through SPAC mergers. You can read about all of these developments and more in the latest edition of ESPI Insights.


"Cosmonautics: the development of space-related technologies in terms of patent activity" is a new publication by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Space Policy Institute  in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA). The objective of this study was to examine the evolution of patent filings in the world and in Europe in order to identify major trends in selected space technology fields.


June was a busy month for the space sector. The ESA and the EU signed a new Financial Framework Partnership Agreement, there were major developments in Europe in the space quantum domain, and the French satellite communications company Rovial is leading an industrial consortium for an independent European Satcom constellation. You can read about all of these developments and more in the latest edition of ESPI Insights.


ESPI Researcher Tomas Hrozensky spoke at the inaugural issue of the Space Sustainability Talks series organised by the SichTRaum research network (Sicherheit und Technologie im Weltraum). The video recording of Tomas's talk on "Current European Efforts in Space Safety, Space Sustainability and Space Traffic Management" is available on SichTRaum's Youtube channel.


This new ESPI Report provides an informed reflection on the implication that the emergence of new spacefaring players has for Europe. Specifically, the reports raises awareness among European-decision makers on the opportunities and challenges associated to the entry of new spacefaring nations in the international space arena.


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