Students and young professionals worldwide are invited to submit an article on the topic of “Outer Space and Cyber Space: any similarities or interrelations from a legal/policy point of view?”. Individual topics from various fields are welcomed analysing relevant aspects. Papers may also address potential new aspects which consider the needs and interests of the whole international community.


ESPI Report 76 offers a general overview of in-orbit services, including life extension and active debris removal. It examines policy, legal, technological and commercial aspects. The report examines the feasibility of these emerging markets, looks at national policies as well as the role public actors can play to facilitate the emergence of these novel and innovative services.


ESPI Research Fellow Mathieu Bataille was invited to give a lecture on the report "Europe, Space and Defence" published by ESPI in February 2020.


ESPI Researcher Tomas Hrozensky was one of the speakers at a closed-door webinar "Space Security: NATO in Space", organised by Czech NGO Association for International Affairs for Czech parliamentarians and members of the Czech space community on 10 December 2020.


ESPI Director Jean-Jacques Tortora was invited to participate in the New Space Economy European ExpoForum 2020.


On 2 December, ESPI Coordinator of Studies Sébastien Moranta participated in the Sirius Space Talks’20 organised by the “Chaire Sirius”, University of Toulouse.


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