On 2 December, ESPI Coordinator of Studies Sébastien Moranta participated in the Sirius Space Talks’20 organised by the “Chaire Sirius”, University of Toulouse.
The topic of the discussion was about the wave of acquisitions currently going on in the United States and the likeliness to see it crossing the ocean.
Mr Moranta made the case of Europe based on the outcome of ESPI latest issue of "Space Venture Europe”.

Downloads: ESPI Presentation SIRIUSTalks


The new ESPI Insights for November is now available! Special focus of the month is on the 10th EU-ESA Space Council.

Since the signing of the Artemis Accords by 8 countries in October 2020, many aspects of this initiative have been debated, including in Europe. While three of EU/ESA Member States have signed the Accords, it seems that some others have diverging views.  This ESPI Brief investigates the Artemis Accords from the European standpoint and in doing so identifies several important implications.
Worldwide Space Law Essay Invitation:
“Outer Space and Cyber Space: any similarities or interrelations from a legal/policy point of view?”
Call for Papers


The ESPI Report 75 offers an in-depth investigation of the international risks and challenges to the fulfilment of the strategic objectives set forth in the European space strategy. The report hence addresses the role that space diplomacy can play to cope with these challenges and better promote Europe’s positions and strategic interests in the international arena.


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