ESPI Director was invited to talk at the last Friends of Europe's  European Young Leaders seminar that took place in London 5th from 14 to 16th March 2019. This  seminar was a unique opportunity to meet  European Young Leaders and alumni in an informal setting and discuss key European challenges, including space exploration, which has long been at the centre of scientific and political discourses.


ESPI Resident Fellow Tomas Hrozensky participated at the 5th Annual Space Traffic Management Conference “Progress through Collaboration”, which took place on the 26th and 27th February 2019 at the University of Texas at Austin in Austin, TX, USA. The ESPI presentation providing an overview of the current ESPI research on space traffic management as well as video recordings of both sessions, to which Tomas Hrozensky contributed, are available online.


As societal reliance on space infrastructure increases along with the sensitivity of many economic sectors to the effects of Space Weather (SWE), the all-round delivery of operational SWE services will become of crucial importance.


In conjunction with the 56th session of the UN COPUOS Scientific and Technical Subcommittee, ESPI and ESA organized an evening event dedicated to the topic "Diversity as a Growing Priority for International Organisations".


During her opening speech of the last European Space Policy Conference, Commissioner Bieńkowska stressed the “need to set in motion a process to define Europe’s vision for Space” and suggested the establishment of a “European Space Council attached directly to the European Council or its President” to achieve this goal. ESPI Executive Brief 29 proposes some perspectives on this interesting proposal.


Our new report Space Venture Europe provides a complete overview of entrepreneurship and private investment trends in the European space sector based on indicators and statistics. With € 220 million invested privately in space start-ups in 2018, Europe hit a new record high and confirmed its position as a key actor of commercial space able to adapt and leverage new trends!


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