The year 2019 is reaching its end and it can be said that it was another busy and fruitful year for our Institute! The first point I would like to highlight is the new record high achieved this year regarding the number of publications. Those include books published in collaboration with Springer, ESPI Public Reports or Executive Briefs made available for download from our website, presentations and much more.  

Research and technological development policies are instrumental tools that serve the main objectives of strengthening the scientific and technological basis of European industry, and supporting its competitiveness at international level. While the European space industry has certainly succeeded in establishing a highly performing and competitive offer against a global competition, it has now to face an evolving situation.


On the invitation from the Prague Security Studies Institute (PSSI), ESPI Research Fellow Tomas Hrozensky gave a lecture entitled "Security in Outer Space: Stakes for Europe" at the American Center in Prague. This public talk, which took place on 02 December, was also a part of the Space Security course for students of the Charles University in Prague.


The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI) plans to issue a publication on the topic "On-Orbit Servicing" in the Springer series on Space Policy. Practitionners, academics and students are invited to join this interesting project by contributing an article around legal, political, economic etc. perspectives.


On 28 Novembre, Director of ESPI was invited to give a keynote speech at the inauguration of the Polish War Studies University in Warsaw. He elaborated on the development of the European Space policy in a global context and on the upcoming challenges related to secutity of space assets.

On 25-26 Novembre, Foreign Ministries Science and Technology Advisors Network (FMSTAN) and Science Policy in Diplomacy and External Relations (SPIDER) organised a series of events related to Science and Diplomacy. Director of ESPI was invited to participate in a panel discussion on Technological Diplomacy that took place in the Vienna Diplomatische Akademie. He presented the situation, perspectives and challenges for the European Space sector.  


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