To the sixth time, Dr Annette Froehlich (ESPI/DLR) lectured at the University of Cape Town (SA) for the Master Space Studies and its course "Space and Society“. Some of the major themes covered in the week included the economic, political, military and regulatory drivers for space activities.


This new ESPI book in the Springer series on Studies in Space Policy “Space Supporting Africa” focusses on “A Primary Needs Approach and Africa’s Emerging Middle Powers”. Therefore this publication provides a deep insight into Africa’s political and socioeconomic landscape with a primary needs approach focused on climate, biodiversity, health, water, education, and space-related capacity building.


This publication in the Springer series on Studies in Space Policy focusses on the proliferating activities in the field of satellite constellations and portrays a wide array of interesting topics from various fields (environment, economy, security, licencing, control, etc.).


ESPInsights is a quarterly publication providing the reader with a synthetic overview of major developments in the global space sector on the covered period and embeds useful links to official documents, public reports, web articles or conference websites for further details on the topic.


Stimulating and leveraging a more prominent involvement of commercial actors in space exploration programmes has become a dominant consideration of governments and space agencies. This new ESPI book investigates how the current context creates opportunities and challenges for space agencies and opens the way to a (possible) paradigm shift in the approach to space exploration in the future.


ESPI Executive Brief 33 looks into achievements and limits of the revival meeting of the EU-ESA Space Council which took place on May 28th, in the margins of the Competitiveness Council, and under leadership of the Romanian Presidency of the EU. The Brief provides some perspectives on how this event could become a stepping-stone in Europe’s effort to define and initiate a process towards a new common and ambitious space strategy.


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