The first report of the new “ESPI Springer Briefs” series is now available. Prepared by Alessandra Vernile, the report provides a broad set of information and data on the rise of private actors in the space sector, organized into different topics covering the various trends that have shaped the space sector during the last decade and that characterize the so-called “New Space” dynamic. With the objective to offer a clear, comprehensive and synthetic definition of New Space, the report investi...


On March 4th ESPI Director Mr. Jean-Jacques Tortora participated in the Workshop "Space Law and Policy Strategies for Building Moon Bases and Exploiting its Space Natural Resources"

Mr. Tortora gave a presentation on "What Strategy for Europe for the Moon?"


The Presentation
The Agenda


Publication of the winning contributions of the Worldwide Space Policy Essay Competition: “Post - 2030 Agenda and the role of space”.

On the occasion of the UNISPACE+50 Conference, the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) invited students and young professionals worldwide to submit a paper on the “Post - 2030 Agenda and the role of space”. Participants were asked to address potential new goals or tar...


13 March 2018. A new volume of the “Studies in Space Policy” book series, edited by Dr Annette Froehlich (ESPI/DLR) and published by Springer, is now available.


13 March 2018. In cooperation with the University of Cape Town (SA) and its SpaceLab, a new volume of the “Studies in Space Policy” book series, edited by Dr. Annette Froehlich (ESPI/DLR) and published by Springer, is now available.


13 March 2018. For the fifth time, Dr Annette Froehlich lectured at the University of Cape Town for the Master Space Studies and its course „Space and Society“. This module comprises lectures on the legal, governance, policy, regulatory, commercial and other aspects of space activities.

This master program was introduced the first time in 2014 and celebrates this year its 5th anniversary. The Space and Society course is the beginning of a two-year program of an MPhil in Space Stu...


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