In June 2020, the United States published a new Defense Space Strategy, a document expected to be the basis of U.S. DoD activities in space for the next ten years. In line with previous statements, the DSS recognises space as a warfighting domain and contemplates the possibility of in-space military operations. However, its accusatory wording on China and Russia and quasi-exclusive interest on allies with relevant capabilities question U.S. ability to exercise leadership in coming years.


The COVID-19 crisis and the unprecedented economic shock that followed will leave a permanent mark on Europe and in the World. With regards to space, two aspects are particularly salient: the use of space to monitor and respond to the crisis, and its impacts on the sector. With this special report, ESPI aimed to provide an overview of the situation so far and to take stock of some lessons learnt and important questions for European space policy.


ESPInsights is a quarterly publication providing the reader with a synthetic overview of major developments in the global space sector on the covered period and embeds useful links to official documents, public reports, web articles or conference websites for further details on the topic.


The utility of the C-band spectrum in enabling the roll-out of 5G mobile networks has been yielding quarrels among satellite operators, mobile network operators and regulators. ESPI Brief 42 looks into the latest C-band developments in the USA, investigates if a similar process could be expected in Europe and identifies outstanding questions with regards to the management of spectrum and the role of satellites in telecommunications.


On 26 June 2020, ESPI Senior Research Fellow Marco Aliberti was invited to deliver a lecture on “Cooperation and Competition in Outer Space: China, Europe and the United States” at the ToChina Summer School.


Call for Papers - Worldwide Space Law Essay Invitation: “Aspects around a Mars Agreement including human settlements”


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