On 27 June 2018, ESPI Resident Fellow Marco Aliberti was invited to deliver a lecture on the outlook of China’s outer space strategy at the 11th edition of the TOChina Summer School, which was held in Torino from 25 June to 6 July 2018.


The topic of spaceports, small satellites and small rockets is gaining more and more attention worldwide. The Austrian radio Ö1 dedicated an article on the recent announcement about the UK spaceport in Scotland, and interviewed ESPI Resident Fellow Matteo Tugnoli on this topic.


At the occasion of the Vienna Conference on Strategy, Dr. Annette Froehlich gave a talk on the “Interdependence between Space Law and Cyber Law and its Rights to Self-Defence” at the NDA (National Defence Academy).


Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Schrogl edited a book review of the ESPI publication on “A Fresh View on the Outer Space Treaty” in the ZLW, the German Journal of Air and Space Law (2/2018). He highlighted that anniversaries are a good opportunity to look back and ahead.


ESPI’s latest publication, “European Access to Space: Business and Policy Perspectives on Micro Launchers” has been reviewed by Jeff Foust, renowned space journalist, on The Space Review.


On the occasion of the UNISPACE+50 conference, this publication provides a deep insight to which extent further improvement should be envisaged to ensure the sustainable development beyond 2030.

As the world, its environment, economy and society are getting more and more technically advanced, it is of high interest to see how space and its various applications can support this development. 



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