The topic of European small spaceports is gaining more and more traction in the past year, following announcements and concrete plans outlined in a number of countries such as the UK and Portugal, among others. The European news outlet Politico.eu interviewed ESPI senior researcher Matteo Tugnoli regarding these developments.


With the title "European Space Strategy in a Global Context: The Role of Space Diplomacy", ESPI organized the 13th iteration of its annual Autumn Conference. At a new and renowned Viennese venue, the Urania Observatory, the Conference welcomed more than 100 participants and speakers, including high-level representatives of key European space stakeholders.


Participants to the 13th ESPI Autumn Conference shared their concerns about a mutating global landscape that challenges the place of Europe as a competitor on commercial markets, as a partner in international endeavours and even as an actor in outer space.


The European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL), and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) invite students and young professionals worldwide to submit a paper on “Protection of cultural heritage sites on the Moon".


With the dramatic upsurge of worldwide space activities and the parallel emergence of different types of space actors, a serious reflection on Europe´s place in the space arena has become of utmost importance. This new ESPI book provides an in-depth investigation of the concept of space power and devises a novel conceptual framework for empirically measuring and comparing the status of worldwide space actors.


Three ESPI Research Fellows have been interviewed in past weeks by SpaceWatch.Global, a digital magazine providing news and analysis from the space sector. Interviews of Annalisa Donati, Marco Aliberti and Tomas Hrozensky explored various topics from space economy up to space security, which have been subject to an in-depth ESPI research throughout 2019.


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